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Located in Gulfport, Mississippi, GCP Laboratories is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid antacids.
Our high volume capacity and superior quality control make us the first choice for discerning private label brands.
Satisfied GCP customers have peace of mind knowing that they are benefiting from state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled service,
economical pricing and a professional team that is dedicated to servicing America's over-the-counter and personal health needs.

About GCP Laboratories

In October 2010, GCP Laboratories acquired one of the nation's best known drug manufacturing facilities and in a very short time doubled production. In fact, GCP is the nation's largest producer of liquid antacid products. Located in Gulfport Mississippi, the 132,000 square foot FDA facility employs nearly 100 people. GCP has the advantage of being one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers and distributors of liquids and solid dose medications.

GCP's move into Gulfport was more than just part of an expansion program for the company. It was an enormous economic boost for an area still suffering from the ravages of Katrina. It immediately created nearly 200 jobs that were on the verge of being terminated when the previous owners were set to close the plant. It also reinforced GCP's commitment to manufacture its products in the US with its guarantee of superior quality as opposed to drugs manufacture in countries like China and India where the quality is suspect at best. GCP's move was applauded by state, local and federal elected officials.

This state of the art 132,000 square foot manufacturing facility was built initially to manufacture the Phillips Milk of Magnesia brand of products. The Phillips' brand and the plant were subsequently sold to the Bayer Corporation, which added a 58,000 square foot warehouse facility in 1976.

GCP Laboratories currently operates five liquid packaging lines, one powder packaging line, and a topical liquid packaging line along with extensive solid dosage capabilities. Our Gulfport laboratories are capable of performing all required compendia testing. The plant also has the ability to perform any stability and validation on new products and ANDA's. Capabilities extend to formulating new products from samples currently available in the market place. We are currently the only generic liquids manufacturer to produce our own magnesium hydroxide API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) for use as a raw material in the production of Milk of Magnesia. Over 7,000,000 bottles of antacid were produced in 2012, and our current production capacity is as high as 20,000,000 bottles of antacid. Proven in-house expertise in liquid (suspension, elixirs and solutions) and powder product formulations are core competencies at our Gulfport facility.

Contract Packaging


GCP was one of the first companies to recognize the trend towards private label for OTC drugs in the national market. As major store chains and hospital suppliers began transitioning from generic brand to store brand, they sought suppliers who were large enough for economies of scale, yet could provide the personalized service they needed to accommodate their individual private label needs. GCP fit the mold and became the generics manufacturer of choice for some of the nation's largest drugstore chains and private label distributors.

Volume Capacity

GCP's production capacity volume capacity allows it to purchase raw materials at considerably reduced cost and pass the savings on to our customers. Our wide variety of products ensures that you only have to deal with one supplier for all your over the counter private label needs. In fact, if there is a product that you would like to add to your store brand catalog, GCP can research product sources and add the product to its manufacturing line within your required time frame. Our experienced label staff can design store brand labels for multiple products within weeks of receiving the approval. Our label staff works in tandem with your art department to make sure that all label copy meets your approval and follows all FDA requirements.

Quality Control

GCP received high marks in its inspection by Shuster labs, the premier independent inspection firm for pharmaceuticals manufacturers. Shuster was impressed with our state of the art bar coding system which ensures complete accuracy from item production through product sale. Strict quality control ensures that any product that leaves our warehouse is inspected several times, both before and after packaging.

  • GCP manufactures more generic antacid liquid than anyone in the United States.
  • Our state of the art plant insures the highest quality in every bottle we produce
  • GCP provides customers with the vertical integration so essential to maintaining supply in the volatile liquid pharmaceutical market
  • GCP products meet or exceed all GMP standards
  • GCP's in-house art department can custom design your packaging
  • State-of-the-art warehouse facility and progressive inventory control system.
  • Ability to ship most orders within 24 hours.
  • Individual requirements for product size, label design and quantity are paramount
  • GCP's products have never been recalled for quality concerns
  • Full state-of-the-art laboratory

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